Commited to handhold young startups making world positive business

Empowering startups to scale faster, with access to a platform for all
in-house facilities under one roof.


Our Services

Digital Content

Unlock the importance of creating your brand's digital portfolio with high-quality content like Product Photos, Reels, Short Films, Ad Films, and Podcasts.

IT Consultancy

Recognize the importance of Custom IT Architecture, AI Implementation, and Algorithms towards scaling up your brand's growth.

E-commerce Solutions

Expand your brand across large and vertical ecommerce platforms to help scale your business to new heights.

Product Packaging

Realize the importance of creating a difference within your competitors with the Perfect Packaging Design for your product.

Digital Marketing

Create awareness and make your brand visible to your Target Audience through the dynamics of Digital Marketing.

UI/UX Design

A complete guide for a user-friendly design for an everlasting consumer experience.

Licensing & IPR

A detailed and complete advisory guide towards all Statutory Licensing, IPR like Trade Mark, Design Right, Copy Right, etc.

Funding Solutions

We are bringing you closer to advisory services to raise funds through Debt & Equity.

Digital Content

Get insight of creating your own portfolio of digital contents like Product Photos, Reels, Short Films, Ad Films etc.

Our Process


Selection Criteria

We take on every project with passion and professionalism, with an unconditional commitment to creating a success story based on the founders’ vision. Our well-defined framework prioritizes and strategizes your core values within a focused execution plan, which is why we only go on board with limited projects that qualify our stringent selection criteria and define your eligibility based on the following parameters.


How We Add Value To You

We handhold young startups throughout their journey & help them scale up their operation globally. Here is how we add value to your business:

  Leaveraging Technology to scale your operation
  Making Impactful Digital Content for Marketing
  Creative Product Packaging & Development Solutions
  Channel Expansion through E-commerce
  Complete Funding Solutions through Debt & Equity
  24*7 handholding to expert team
  Real Time exposure though our proprietory Project Model

Our Loving Clients

FAQ 's

  • What’s Keysol’s Mentorship & Investment methodology?

    Our mentorship & investment methodology is a unique amalgamation of providing different services and investment in return of Equity holding in a startup. In a first of its kind concept in India, we provide array of In-house services for which we already have a dedicated professional teams and also invest in startups to some extent depending on there potential and addressable market. If you have a unique product/service and potential to grow with dedicated team, this is the right place and we will make sure to cover you with everything which the business needs.

  • Do you only fund & mentor projects from India?

    Yes, as of now our investments and mentorship programme is limited to India. Even though geographically our other portfolio startups are expanding internationally but initially we would be looking for startups based out in India whose ideas/ products we can implement & introduce to the Indian market.

  • How many startup projects does Keysol takes?

    Keysol looks to mentor and invest in around 7-8 startups in a year.

  • Is it a pre-requisite for the team to be full time on the startup venture?

    We want the teams to be fully focused, passionate and committed to their startup. We believe that no startup or a business can grow without a professional team who is dedicated and work selflessly full time for the growth of their business.

  • How long does it take till the start-up gets the money?

    Once any startup fufills all the criterias and selected for our mentorship programme 1 which goes for up to 90 days, that particular startup is eligible to present in front of Keysol board of Investors. If our team finds potential in the product/service and if the vision of the founder team matches with ours, the startup will be eligible for the initial set of investment from Keysol. Our mentorship program along with the initial investment in potential startup will start.

  • What if startup wants to raise more funds?

    Keysol has a mentorship programme 2 in which we invite the startups to present there pitch deck infront of a angel Investors so that they can raise next round of funds. So, once you qualify for Mentorship program 1, Keysol will help you with the second round of funding through Investors.

  • Could a not-for-profit project apply?

    To be successful and remain in business, both profitability and growth are important and necessary for a company to survive and remain attractive to investors and analysts. Profitability is, of course, critical to a company's existence and growth is crucial to long-term survival. Keysol is dedicated to making the world a better place, by solving problems and ideally generating money from that. We are eager to work with and support for-profit social ventures and keep them growing.

  • What is the professional fees Keysol is charging for all these services?

    Keysol will not be charging any fees to the selected Startup but we invest in the belief, idea, strategy, potential and passion of a startup and provide all these services without charging any professional fees. Keysol rather takes up to 10% equity holding in the startup as we believe that at initial stage lot of cash burn is there and founders dont have enough money to spend on all these services which is relatively very high if they reach out to different service providers. Once we know each other in our first mentorship program and invest our time and money in you then there is no looking back and will walk together to become a Unicorn.

  • What is the stage of startup Keysol is looking at?

    1. Idea Stage (No working product) - We are happy to hear your idea but unfortunately most of our programs are for startups who have transformed their ideas into products, business-model, etc.
    2. Seed Stage (Problem Solution Fit Stage) - Can be Considered
    3. Early Stage (Product Market Fit Stage) - YES
    4. Growth Stage (Traction) - YES

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